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Strategic Partnership with South Pole

by MPower User on May 24, 2021 No comments

South Pole is a sustainable solution and service provider and the world’s most prominent developer of emission reduction projects with proven impact and substantial experience on the ground.

MPower has long been supported in its early stage by South Pole in a rather informal manner. On a nonbinding and non-financial basis, the young Startup was hosted at South Pole’s headquarter in Zurich, received marketing advice, IT support and got access to South Pole’s network mainly through its employees.

Following MPower’s rapid growth, South Pole then became our lead investor in early 2020 and we are glad to announce that we have further intensified our collaboration with South Pole in the last few months. 🔆🔆

Next to our core business we will also be generating the new Decentralized Renewable  Energy Certificates. D-RECs are a new innovative finance instrument that provide a proof of origin for power generated by small-scale renewable energy systems.

Find out more about our partnership and how Mpower’s projects will generate D-RECS in the future in South Pole’s Blogpost:

MPower UserStrategic Partnership with South Pole