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Electrifying orphan centers in Namibia

by MPower User on November 1, 2021 No comments
Mukishi, one of our closest partners in Namibia, in a Church Alliance For Orphans (CAFO) orphan center

You might have heard of Xavier Kordus before! Xavier joined MPower in 2020 and has been setting up MPower’s logistic Hub and operations in Namibia. He is in charge of country-wide activities including sales, business development, and the management of local distribution partners and corporate partnerships.

Xavier is a passionate business developer and loves challenges out of his comfort zone. That is why Xavier and Hannes, one of MPower’s main partners in Namibia and manager of Hasica Agencies, decided to participate in an insane bike race to raise funds for a good cause!

The so-called Desert Dash bike race is an endurance race of 393km through the oldest desert in the world, The Namib Desert, within 24 hours. The race takes place at the hottest time of the year and less than 40% is expected to complete this year’s event. Sounds crazy, is crazy. The race will take place on 10th December 2021 – on the International Humanitarian Day and Namibian Women Day!

Hannes and Xavier are partnering with the NGO Church Alliance for Orphans (“CAFO”), a national Namibian interfaith networking organization having 344 Child care centers for orphans and children who need after school support, disseminated in 5 regions of Namibia. The organization develops and sustains support programs for orphans and other vulnerable children in their communities. Some of the centers lack power and electrical devices in order to provide valuable education to the children. MPower will financially support this event and will be providing CAFO with high quality solar products that meet the needs of the children in the centers.

Through the fundraising campaign, every 1500 USD would provide a complete center with electricity. MPower will double the raised amount as the main sponsor of the charity event to deliver CAFO the necessary solar systems that they need to power their most vulnerable structures in Namibia.

To support the project, please click HERE

This project is in partnership with the Church Alliance for Orphans

MPower UserElectrifying orphan centers in Namibia