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Share the Light – Illuminating the streets in Cameroon

by MPower User on January 5, 2021 No comments

As part of a Cameroonian government program to modernize street lighting, MPower won a project to install solar street lights. In September and October 2020, 46 solar-powered street lights were installed for this purpose in Bafia, a city north of Yaoundé. In this project, MPower with was responsible for the local manufacturing of the poles and the procurement, financing and installation of the street lights. The aim of this project is not only to strengthen the economic development but also the security of the area.

The trigger for this government program is the inadequate power supply in Cameroon. Due to overloads of the power grid at peak times, the whole country regularly experiences power outages. In order to keep community buildings running, the government provides diesel-powered emergency generators, which are, however, very costly and harmful to the environment. To ease the burden on the power grid, the Cameroonian government has launched a program to modernize street lighting. This project has been pushed forward by different public and private groups. In addition to the efforts to replace the old street lights and to operate them with solar energy, streets also in rural areas are now to be illuminated. This is also the case in the rural area of Bafia, where the MPower lights are illuminating Cameroon’s streets.

In order to continue to realize such projects, the MPower is currently conducting a “crowd lending” round on Crowd4Climate. MPower’s vision is to provide renewable and decentralized energy to as many households and SMEs as possible. The crowdlending campaign enables the financing of more than 1000 solar systems: A milestone on the way to fulfill MPower’s vision.

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MPower UserShare the Light – Illuminating the streets in Cameroon

MPower Ventures & Barry Callebaut: an innovative partnership to deliver a tangible impact project that is commercially viable

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The Strategy

The proposed CSR strategy uses decentralized solar solutions combined with an innovative financing scheme to empower local communities, reduce forest degradation and deforestation practices as well as carbon emissions.

Proof of Conecpt

MPower kicked off a pilot project with Barry-Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa, in January 2019. The project targets 600 cocoa farmers in four cooperatives in Cameroon and distributes, together with MPower’s local partner, a set of cost-effective solar kits focusing on lighting, mobile phone charging and larger systems for productive use. The project demonstrates how a successful collaboration between a multinational company, an innovative facilitator and local distributors can lead to a sustainable, fully commercial and profitable project with large-scale potential to empower African farmers.


Gains for the Community & the Multinational

There are numerous benefits of the collaboration.

Main benefits for the community:

  • Access to clean and reliable energy
  • Icreased productivity through smart agricultural tools and other powered electric devices
  • First-ever credit histroy
  • Yearly savings for households from USD 60 upwards depending on system size
  • Empowering local communities and entrepreneurs by providing an opportunity for income

Main benefits for the cooperation

  • Very effective way to implement company’s CSR concept and vision
  • Significantly reduce the company’s carbon footprint
  • Improve employees / supplier’s loyalty vis-à-vis the company
  • Increase productivity e.d. through smart sprayer, solar pumps, headlights)
  • No technical risk for the company


Here you find a short report about our activities in Cameroon:



For further information please contact contact:

Manuel Seiffe, Co-Founder & CEO,, +41 79 175 52 02

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MPower UserMPower Ventures & Barry Callebaut: an innovative partnership to deliver a tangible impact project that is commercially viable